Empire Drafting and Design in Lakewood offers exceptional home design services. We provide sustainable architectural home design, home building plans, drafting and construction management.

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  • Do you need a quiet cozy corner for contemplation?
  • Or soaring spaces to liberate the spirit and create lofty thoughts?
  • What brings you satisfaction?
  • How strongly do you believe our natural resources are limited?
  • What do you need to enjoy life?
  • Looking for a custom home design?

There are many design considerations as you contemplate your project. Do not be intimidated by all the questions that need answered, after all, you are the one that will live in your Dream Home! And remember, the best compositions result from clear communications with your Design Professional. Find one who will ask the right questions, listens to your answers, seeks clarification, and responds to your needs. 


Empire Drafting and Design, LLC, offers complete Construction Document services. We can provide conceptual drawings, photo quality renderings and even video clips to help you visualize the end product. Of course the ultimate goal is to provide clear concise Construction Documents, for Building Permit submittal and construction. With a USGBC LEED-AP on staff, we will help you consider the trade offs and synergies of Green Building Strategies. We look at air tight design, energy effecient heating and lighting, natural strategies - like biomimicry, and consider materials that improve air quality. Our network of design and building professionals enable us to meet the challenges of each project. 


Architectural Services - Services offered to you include but are not limited to: design, drafting, and Consulting, to name a few.

What Sustainable Architecture means today - Sustainable Architecture gives you alternative design possibilities.

Processes - Processes and phases to complete Construction Documents

Clientele - The Clientele we provide professional services to include; The Architect, The Designer, The Home Owner, The Builder.

Contact Us - Contact us to complete your dream design.

Recent Projects - Check out some of our recent projects

Habitat FlexPlex - A Poster board of the winning Design for the New Habitat for Humanity Project Duplex, Blue Spruce office

University Park Home Tour - Newly designed and built home retains the flavor of the previous home in University Park