Life is about choices and processes. About a thousand show up when you begin to think about your dream home. All of them will be addressed before you move into your home. Some early considerations are global, addressing the location, style and durability of your home. Other decisions can wait, but we have learned that the earlier the details are settled, the less stress is associated with completing your project. 

During the Drafting Process we will meet with you and your designer to show a live demonstration complete with camera images and aerial views to receive your feedback and confirm that we are addressing your housing perspective. For your convenience, we have a client viewer program available, which enables you to view your construction documents and make notations at your computer, then return the file to us for correction.

There are three phases to complete Construction Documents: The Design phase, the Document development phase, and the Structural phase. The Design phase addresses your current and anticipated life style, your environmental commitment, your budget and the length of time you plan to occupy your new space. Then you will progress to architectural style - the look and feel of the house. And finally the number of rooms and their size, storage space, patios/decks. Once the general look and feel of the home has been established, the Document development phase address the details and finishes such as ceiling style, door and window selection hardware type, molding profiles , wall colors, floor coverings, cabinet grade and material, counter top surface, hardware, electrical and plumbing fixture brand and models. Once all the design details have been established, then we turn to the Structural phase where beams, posts and headers are sized and engineered by a licensed professional. At this time cabinet elevations, electrical layouts, foundation plans and cross sections are added, as well as framing diagrams, truss profiles and structural details. Window, door and room schedules are generated as is a material list and specifications. Final renderings are produced to adorn the construction documents cover page. 

We can provide just a few of the pages, or one page, dependent on the needs of our clients.