Our Clientele

In this economy, you need an edge. Perhaps it is your integrity, speed, your ability to anticipate your clientele’s needs or to keep your cool with all the change orders! Maybe your edge is your sustainable building practices, i.e. superior insulation, energy star rated construction. Are you ready to take the next leap? Producing a LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified home might be the appropriate goal to pursue. Empire Drafting employs a LEED-AP (commercial construction) who is seeking the LEED –AP for Homes accreditation. We can help you guide the design, education, implementation and verification required to attain USGBC’s LEED certification. Are you bidding on a custom house? Or a small remodel or a basement finish? Maybe your next project is a deck. Whatever the size of your project or detail quantity, we can help. Our offerings include “As builts” complete construction documents, renderings, schedules, framing diagrams, 3D images of any particular component, from foundation to framing to completely furnished kitchens or aerial views of the lot and home. Tell us what you need.